Pro Photo Expo and Conference – March 26-29 2015!

Pasadena Convention Center, 300 E. Green Street, Pasadena, Ca,

Some People Build the Future. Others Stay Home.

  • Conference Programing!
    Conference Programing!
    4 full days filled with 18 all star, prime time programing and master classes, keynote addresses, platform presentations and early bird programs.
  • Sigma Shoot Out
    Sigma Shoot Out
    New for 2015 ! Sponsored by Sigma Lenses -- Bring your Cameras and use Brand New Sigma lenses. Join us for an amazing Model Session on the Pro Photo Expo Trade Show floor...
  • iPad Giveaway!
    iPad Giveaway!
    Register NOW! The first 75 paid full conference All Access Pass registrations will be entered into our iPad Giveaway drawing...
  • Rockin’ Parties and Socials!
    Rockin’ Parties and Socials!
    Always a great time, and always the place where the most contacts are made, the most work gets done – and the most fun is had...
  • Print and Image Exhibits
    Print and Image Exhibits
    Amazing merited prints and winners of the 2015 State Print Competition will be displayed as well as images from our statewide Affiliates...
  • PPC Annual Awards Ceremony
    PPC Annual Awards Ceremony
    Come and celebrate the accomplishments of individual photographers throughout the last year – photographic accomplishments...
  • Sensor Cleaning!!
    Sensor Cleaning!!
    Say goodbye to the spots! Let the professional technicians at Midwest Camera Repair clean your sensor safely. It’s only a matter of time until your digital camera’s sensor will need to be cleaned manually.
  • Mentor Corner
    Mentor Corner
    A unique opportunity to sit and talk, in an informal setting, with individuals who inspire, educate, and generally amaze you.
  • Digital Café
    Digital Café
    Join us for a hands-on, one-on-one learning environment featuring speakers every hour to share and give instruction on various material...
  • Image Critique Salon
    Image Critique Salon
    Prepare yourself for Image Competitions! Have your images evaluated by top photographers in Landscape, Portraiture...
  • Annual All Members Meeting
    Annual All Members Meeting
    Find out what’s going on in your association. It’s all about what we can do for you! Be motivated to be a part of PPC’s future! In reality, it’s yours!

  • In most businesses, the two most important assets we own are what you know and who you know. The best way to improve both of those assets is by becoming an active member with professional trade associations.

    -John Goolsby
  • Photographic print judging is a very enlightening and challenging process. It takes courage and confidence to begin the process.

    -Cayce Newman